What is The Super Entrepreneurs

In Supercube we grow entrepreneurs to have a mindset as business owners and not just an agent to a product. All entrepreneurs in Supercube are committed to guide their team to be super entrepreneurs that grow to make their life and the lives around them better.

9 Months After Launching

Product Sold
(RM) Sales

A healthier and better life gives us purpose.

True fulfillment comes only when we make life better for others around us. While we do enjoy financial success, what truly drives us is not wealth or power, but passion and sense of purpose, that what we’re doing creates value.

At Zero Cost, 100% Effort & Commitment

In Supercube, we don’t ask for a single cent, but all we ask is your 100% effort and commitment to achieve your goals. We provide a zero risk platform, it is up to you to whether fully use the opportunity or not. There is no limit of what you can achieve in Supercube.

We Create Leaders, Among Leaders

Let's Hear The Success Stories from Our Brand Ambassadors

“Saya memang jatuh cinta dengan bisnes ni, saya tak perlu simpan stok & saya boleh tengok anak-anak depan mata di rumah”
BA Azimah

“Setiap orang mempunyai potensi untuk menjadi team leader kepada team masing-masing”

BA Zulfa Hanim

“Sejak saya join bisnes ni, banyak sangat benda yang saya belajar, yang dapat tingkatkan keyakinan diri saya “

BA Nadrah

“Bila I join Supercube ni lain, I can give more to my family, my parents. Lagi best I boleh ajak ramai orang buat benda sama”

BA Nasuha

“Pada saya bisnes Supercube ni bukan semata-mata jual produk, tetapi mengajar juga untuk menjadi pemimpin..”

BA Syikin

“Dalam circle ni Ain jumpa ramai yang tak lokek untuk share ilmu & advice – buatkan Ain rasa enjoy & tak stress buat bisnes ni!”

BA Ain


Supercube Molasses Herbal Drink

Ginger & Lavender

Calm & Soothe

Red Date & Goji Berry

Nourish & Boost

Osmanthus & Roses

Relax & Heal

Easy and Tasty Herb Drink

Infuse one cube in 200ml-250ml of hot water. Stir well until cube dissolves. Put ice to drink it cold. You may experiment the cubes in your meal as well.

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