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Supercube is name of the company which started with the first line of products; Supercube. The products are in the form of cubes which contains molasses and herbs which commonly made to be a drink.  As a company, Supercube provides not just quality products but as a platform for everyone to start their entrepreneurship journey.

To join Supercube, one needs to register under a Supercube Advocate or Ambassador. Supercube HQ does not accept direct registration. Please click here to be directed to our top Ambassadors.

Supercube is Malaysian Bumiputera owned company. All products are made in Malaysia.

Yes, Supercube is manufactured in Malaysia with Jakim Halal certification

Yes, Supercube is certified under KKM under MeSTi category.

Supercube is a legal network marketing business with 4 levels. Supercube is NOT pyramid scheme. Supercube does not need any pay upfront to register as member/reseller. One does not earn any commission just by registering new member. Commission is solely based on product selling.